Katiebug (xnarratorx) wrote,

Hahahhah 15/15

[x] Woke up at 4pm because Ricky and I were up all night
[x] Went to Rickys, then to the Grind
[x] Hung out at the Grind, then went for food with Sarah Ethan Emily and Sarahs cousin Ashley
[x] Back to the Grind
[x] Citgo with Leslie Jake and Ricky
[x] Grind
[x] Lazer Tag with people mentioned on trip to Citgo, plus others
[x] We dominated (not really though..we suck.)
[x] Dennys with Ricky Scott Lisa Brittany and Jessica
[x] Aparrently they went to a show in Toledo, got drunk, and jumped some bitch
lmao. Only them. And then I came home.

Our lives are so random if we'd only let them be.
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