Katiebug (xnarratorx) wrote,

Its really cute. I love the medical library. In about four years i'm going to need one. Isnt that scarry? Its like a countdown has been started on the rest of my life. Im scared, but its going to happen weather im ready for it or not. I used to think I didnt want to live on campus, because, fuck that. But now Ive noticed how much fun people had with it, and im thinking I want to do it now. I dont want to be too far away though, at all. Thats my big issue. So on my way to John Stavers yesterday, it hit me. Like I had an Epiphany.

Why dont I live on campus at Wayne State?

Its about ten minutes away from where I live now. It would be almost no change whatsoever. I could still see everyone every day, but I would get the experience of being at college. Im not sure though, I really dont want a roommate, and when youre a freshman thats the only real option. I'm going to see how things look in April. May 1st is the deadline to apply. Im not even sure if Wayne State is letting me in yet, I applied today (via mail) so I wont know until February probably. Maybe even later then that, because Im taking the ACTS on February 10th. Im worried about that, but only the math part, I pretty much have everything else on lock. I'm going to take a few practice tests though, and see whats up.

Its about 318 now, and the bus Im taking leaves at 336, if its actually on time. So if I left now, I could makea pit stop at the bathroom to change out of my scrub pants. Nevermind, Im wearing jeans, I didnt feel like changing into the scrubs today. Also, I got a B+ on my final. I could have done better, but I just didnt study. A high B for not studying at all is pretty good though, if I do say so my cocky ass self.

My fingers hurt from this. Or, sorry, my metacarpals hurt. Sarah is being such a bitch lately. Ive noticed more and more how she doesnt do anything that will not directly benefit her. Its nauseating. Its about time we all grew up, after all, our eminent future is only Five months and two days away <3
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