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Where is my mind?

I bent the O Chem final over and made it my bitch. The only persons who got done before me were Jake and Danielle. I hope I actually did well and just didnt fly though it and get an E. That would be amazingly bad. The Brit Lit final was...LONG. Mr Baker makes these epic scantron tests. Someone was like "You always make weird multiple choice tests" and baker was like "Yeah..A..B...Gamma??? Wait, where is Gamma? Epsilon? I always mix those two up" And thats why hes a good teacher, not many that I know of are that quick witted. I seriously went to sleep pencil in had during the second half of the (one hundred quesiton! with MULTIPLE possibile answers...I was coloring like a madman) test. Then I woke up and finsihed, then went back to sleep, only to wake up raising my hand because he asked who would be in Shakepere on Monday. I know some people in my class who shouldnt be. Its going to try my patience a lot, but hey, maybe they'll drop. Tonight, I drive with Caleb from 5 to 7 then last day of class from 7 to 9..and the test. What the fuck, do I have a sign floating above me that says "Please administer me a gigantic scantron test"? So, right now, I have to take a shower, do my study guide for Dt, then clean the bathroom and vaccum the living room. And hallway. Fuck.

With your feet in the air
And your head on the ground
Way out in the water
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