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Where is my mind? Honest...

I dont know. My head hurts a lot. I have to take one of those American School mail-in classes beccause I am a fuck up (read: my entire life so far) or I wont graduate on time. Mr. Salvatore ACTUALLY said *looking at my transcript* "You're screwed"

Thank you sir!

In other news, I need 110 dollars for that class, which I dont have, because I cant hold on to money to save my life. I also want (soon to be need if it keeps freaking out) a new cell phone. So thats a total of 250 dollars I need from my grandma/uncle soon. Like, TODAY. I dont know where they are, visiting John in the hospital I bet. I'm gonna call them here in a sec. Someone died on the 3rd floor of my moms apartment building in a fire the other day, or maybe it was today, because today is the day she told me about it. Im so glad she wasnt there, but then, im not, because I know why she wasnt there. Today sarah gave Ian and Ricky a partial ride home, because she got a flat and we had to stop at her house to fix it. Ian walked the rest of the way, and Ricky and I fell asleep while she was getting ready to hang out with Branden. So she finally did, and we took ricky home. Then we went to wendys, got the Chilli I am about to destroy, and now shes at Brandens for two more hours, then we will probably do something but I dont know what. Ehh. My kidneys hurt. OMG someone is knocking at my door...hold on...

Ok, evidently not, but I swear I heard someone knocking. I hate being here by myself at night. Id love it during the day but the sun sets at like 5 in the winter. I do like winter, but not after december. Eh. John is really upsetting me. He keeps saying he's going to think about it and put consideration into what he's doing..then he just keeps running back to fatty. Maybe its because shes so far away (uh, Grand Rapids anyone? thats not a fucking walk in the park) and im right here, but hey, more the reason to be with me. Also, I wouldnt fuck around on him/use him as a fallback plan, but you know, sometimes it takes a while for people to open their eyes. Me too apparently. Rich, well, shit, I hate talking in stream of consciousness (conSCIENCE? whats that? <-sarah at chineese reading her fortune cookie yesterday) but heres whats up:

Jason Rideout is a good buddy of mine, and he really wanted to meet sarah, so last saturday (not this past one, LAST one) we (me sarah britni) went to his house, and watched him and steve play dead rising ( I want to play that so badly..I digress..) and after, hes like hey were going to party at Richards, youre welcome to come guys. So we go, rich lives in an upper on Biddle (West Jefferson to all of you non-Wyandotians) in Rouge. We party. A bunch of things happen. Rich seems really nice, but hes the sort of person I would have HATED were we in highschool together. He has openly admitted he doesnt care for acadamia (oh yes, we get along smashingly) and it botheres me. I mean, he's not stupid, hes just average, but I dont like average when it comes to things like that. Why? Because I'm a NERD. There, I said it. But I dont know, maybe I should give people a chance. No I shouldnt. That would be too normal and fair. Plus, I gave John a chance and look what he did/is doing to me. I hate it when people make me promises, They NEVER get kept. Not even significant others either, but my own family doesnt. My parents didnt/dont. Its not healthy, and its not right. I dunno. At least I know that it COULD (and lets face it, probably has) affected me negatively, but, I dont think it has caused me like irreversible damage. That whole, being let down a lot your entire life thing, could put anyone in a bad mood, but Im not terminally in a bad mood. Just realistic, bordering on cynical and jaded.

Where IS my mind?
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