Katiebug (xnarratorx) wrote,

I dont understand why I never update my livejournal unless something is wrong. Heres some news. Somethings wrong!

Know why?

Because NOTHING is wrong.

Nothing that I actually care about anyway. My family has been being boug as of late (Ice-water on my head today to wake me up...fucking cool...So much bad shit happened my mom started calling me Caesar before i left the house today. Ides of March. What what.)

Justin is amazing. I cant believe how perfect we are together. It may not be possible to be that perfect, which in itself is imperfect, so its possible :) He also was the one to tell me that...because I cant follow deductive reasoning. He's the treasurer of the English Club at U of M...and they had their first meeting today...and I went because it seemed cool ( I like English. Nice language. Im actually fluent, its cool.) and Justin is so excited about it, and because he wore his suit and it looks sooooooooooooo good on him that Its unbelievable. OH about college....DONT BOTHER BEING WORRIED! Its SO anticlimactic....And no one even pays attention to you. Of course, we were there at like 630 so Justin said the "bustle" was gone...but still...boo. Of course, that was Just at U of M D. We went and looked at the science building and the History building where his classes are and its really a nice campus. There really arent too many attractive people there though...so those of you who were hoping to meet a person who was both sexy AND studious are out of luck as far as D goes. Hey, at least I gave you warning. But...im pretty tired...so sleepy time.

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