Katiebug (xnarratorx) wrote,


[x]I picked narrator as my name because I always thought that if someone made a movie/wrote a book/syndicated a tv series about my life, that I would be the one to narrate it. Im not sure why, but maybe its because I have the best vocabulary out of anyone that I know. No, I kid. It would be because i'm the only one who knows how i'm feeling all of the time, even though Ive noticed that its a fault, or maybe a positive of mine, that I want to talk incessantly about my feelings. I care about how I feel. Interestingly enough, I care about how you feel too, so lets talk.
[x]Katie Elizabeth Baker
[x]September 9th, 1989
[x]I should write a long life story entry, to really explain why I feel the way I do about things, and it would be really deep and personal, but its ok because I think im ready for it
[x]My old livejournal was perfectxfailure, and I read it sometimes, and It scares me, because I still remember every single detail about my life and where I was back then. And I know that as much as I have changed, apparently, I have still stayed the same person
[x]I'm old for my age. Maybe its because of all the things ive been though, but right now isnt the time to be posting the life story, because its 430 in the morning, and I have pizza rolls cooling in the kitchen. I have to be awake for my intake session for therapy at 915 though, so more on that tomorrow.
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